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MTH Unboxing: St. Audio

In the ever-growing world of podcasting, content creators are constantly looking for ways to reach and engage their audience. This is where St.Audio comes in, a platform that helps podcasters to expand their reach.

The start-up participated in the Media Founders Program, a funding program of the Media Innovation Center Babelsberg (MIZ) in cooperation with the MediaTech Hub Accelerator. In the first phase of the Media Founders Program, the team from MIZ Babelsberg was primarily funded to develop its own prototype. Für die zweite Phase des Förderprogramms wurde das Start-up in das Programm des MTH Accelerators aufgenommen.

David Streit, Founder of St. Audio, talks about this, as well as the origins, foundation and vision of the platform, in the current issue of MTH Unboxing.

MTH Accelerator: Who are you and what did you do before setting up St. Audio?

David Streit:Hey, I’m David Streit and the founder of St. Audio, the AI guide to podcast growth. I had previously established a recommendation platform called Shelfd for the German mediatheques (hopefully with curated podcast tips in the future).

MTH Accelerator: What is St. Audio?

David Streit: At St. Audio, we help podcasters grow through inspiration, guidance and training. The St. Audio Studio is the largest collection of methods for building podcast reach and the first opportunity to track your own growth journey – including AI guidance on what is most worthwhile at this particular moment.

MTH Accelerator: What made you decide to found St. Audio?

David Streit: The first version of St. Audio was a collection of growth hacks for our own podcast in a notes file which we kept on expanding. It had then grown to over 150 ideas and we realised that such a wealth of knowledge was quite unique.

MTH Accelerator: And why did you focus on podcasts? What connection do you have with this medium?

David Streit: A good podcast makes my world that little bit bigger. I love educating myself about it and discovering new perspectives! But working, in particular, with the people behind podcasts is the reason why I’d like to keep pushing this medium even further. You’ll hardly find anyone else more passionate.

MTH Accelerator: You were supported by MIZ Babelsberg as part of the Media Founders Programme and then accepted into the MTH Accelerator programme: how has the Media Founders Programme already supported you?

David Streit: The Media Founders Programme enabled us initially to develop the technical prototype of the St. Audio Studio at MIZ, and the MTH Accelerator then gave us the opportunity to continue working on our business model. This meant that we could create a portfolio of workshops, training programmes and services in addition to the web app, that we are using in the process of the implementation.

MTH Accelerator: What is the mission of St. Audio?

David Streit: We want to help podcasters achieve more reach so that they can reach even more people with their stories, research and thoughts. . They have already had to teach themselves everything about production and editing – they can now at least get support in the areas of distribution and marketing.