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Investment Readiness Program für Early Stage B2B SaaS Start-ups

Starte deine nächste Finanzierungsrunde mit uns

Our program

Our program

The 8-week online program is designed for B2B SaaS early-stage startups seeking to raise Angel, Pre-Seed, or Seed funding rounds.

What we offer:

  • Individual 1n1 coaching and workshops with industry experts, lawyers, founders, and investors
  • Community and peer learning with other startups
  • Fundraising insights, guides, investor databases, templates and tools
  • Intros to our investor:inside network
  • Access to international tech events

Our startup focus

business model:
B2B SaaS business models that are innovative, digital and scalable

MVP with traction

At least two co-founders (with tech skills and founder-led sales)


DACH region

Our experts

Co-Founder of

Co-Founder of OpenVC

Senior Investment Manager at Brandenburg Kapital

GTM expert for B2B SaaS Startups

Business Angel and Expert in Business & Financial Modeling

Partner at Dimler&Karcher

Business Angel and Co-Founder of Wizard Ventures

Managing Director of Business Angels Club Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

Founder of InnovatorsRoom

Partner at Heartfelt Capital

Business Angel at Expedite Ventures

Business Angel and Co-Founder of ARRtist

Partner at RSR Rüping Schröder Rechtsanwälte

Business Angel at JVH Ventures

Venture Partner at Super Capital

What our alumni say

“For CI HUB GmbH, the MTH Accelerator was incredibly helpful, allowing us to collaborate with experienced founders and investors. We learned how to fundraise and, most importantly, how to meet the right people. If I were to start again, I would definitely try to secure a place at the MTH Accelerator. The people are great. A special thanks goes out to Erdinç for everything.”

“As one of the first MTH startups, I am super proud to have been able to actively experience the development of the MTH. When we founded 5 years ago, MTH was the contact point for us that prepared us realistically for the VC world. We were allowed to learn to think bigger and, as a neutral contact person, the finger was put firmly in the wound during coaching. This was the basis for our continued success, also in fundraising. I still go jogging with Erdinç regularly and discuss investment topics.”

“MTH Accelerator program was a game-changer for promiseQ. It provided invaluable resources and mentorship. It also helped us connect with investors to secure funding. Highly recommended for aspiring entrepreneurs.”

“The MTH Accelerator helped us ideally in the earliest phase of our startup with network & contacts, on the one hand with intros to VC’s & Angels, but also to our VC law firm, with whom we still enjoy working today!”


Our initiators

Our supporters

Our network partners

Our investor network

Erdinç Koç

Head of MTH Accelerator

+49 15735723666

Erdinç Koç

Head of MTH Accelerator

+49 176 626 82224