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RAT.HUB goes into the next round. In the RAT.HUB podcast series, Linda Rath talks to startup founders to find out

Linda on Markus Beckedahl: My guest today needs no introduction and yet here are a few highlights: I talk to

Linda about Ellen Heinrichs: She is the founder and CEO of the Bonn Institute for Journalism and constructive dialog which

Linda about Binoy Prabhakar: Today, I am joined by Binoy Prabhakar. He is the executive editor at Moneycontrol, one of

Linda about Julia Hildebrand: Today, I am joined by Julia Hildebrand. As part of the award-winning Correctiv team, Julia leads

Linda about Mariana Santos: Today, I am joined by Mariana Santos. She is a journalist and founder of Chicas Poderosas,