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Film studio transformes into an eSports arena: the Valorant Champion Tour a guest at Studio Babelsberg

A black hall with elaborate LED lighting and an LED floor with international stars sitting around in a circle and with ultimate concenration: the setting could be a film shoot because the hall is the Marlene Dietrich Halle, one of the most historic and largest sound stagesin Europe. Film classics such as “The Blue Angel” and “Metropolis” had been shot on the lot of Studio Babelsberg in the past. And it was only recently that the cast and crew of “The Matrix Resurrections” had been here . But the place where film-makers are usually working day and night in closed sets on new productions then played host to the stars from a completely different sector last December: the best international gamers – and with them one of the year’s most important eSports events, the finals of the Valorant Champion Tour (VCT).