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Hochschule Mittweida

Group of Students from University of Applied Science Mittweida visits MTH Space at UFA

As part of a Blended Immersive Programme (BIP), a group of students from Mittweida University of Applied Sciences visited the MediaTech Hub Space at UFA GmbH in Potsdam on 4 May 2022. Prof. Linda Rath and Prof. Christof Amrhein organised an “Immersive Week” with students from Mittweida as well as international students. On 4 May, they went to Potsdam, where the group got to know various companies working with immersive media at the location.

In keeping with the theme of “Immersive Media”, Nicolas Lycas, Head of Business Development of the start-up FroXx Industries, was a guest in the MTH Space, who presented the students with use cases of FroXx’s services and the use of a wearable device in industry. The Hololens was then immediately tested by some of the students.

Afterwards, the group visited the Feelbelt team. Julia Heine, Communication Manager at Feelbelt, presented the belt. Afterwards, the students had the opportunity to experience the Feelbelt in action – whether listening to music, sim racing or gaming. For this purpose, the individual offices of the team served as different stations.

Before they went to the Volucap and the Halostage, the group had a small lunch with glasses of MARKTKOST in the MTH Space.

We were happy to welcome the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida! And we would like to thank all the start-ups involved!

About Mittweida University of Applied Sciences

Mittweida University of Applied Sciences (international designation: University of Applied Sciences) is a university of applied sciences located in Mittweida, Saxony. Mittweida University of Applied Sciences follows the tradition of the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and the Mittweida School of Engineering.

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