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Review | MTH Design Thinking Challenge Batch No. 4

At the beginning of the journey of every startup, there are many challenges that need to be managed. The design thinking process can help to find solutions to specific problems in a creative and innovative way. At the MTH Design Thinking Challenges, startups have the opportunity to tackle a very individual challenge with the help of design thinking.

On October 11 and 12, the MTH Design Thinking Challenge was held for the fourth time. With Denton Systems and MARKTKOST, two teams from the cosmos of the MediaTech Hub Accelerator participated, while the third startup Cultway is currently in the first phase of the Media Founders Program. The Media Founders Program is a two-phase funding program of the Medieninnovationszentrums Babelsberg (MIZ) in cooperation with the MediaTech Hub Accelerator.

The fourth run of the MTH Design Thinking Challenge was hosted in the MIZ building. The teams used the entire event floor to give their thoughts and ideas enough room to grow. The startups were led through the design thinking process station by station under the guidance of coaches from the HPI Academy‘s certification program for design thinking coaches.

Here are the statements of the teams about the two workshop days:

“The MTH Design Thinking Challenge was a great offer to think out of the box once again. In two very intense and fun days, we were able to learn a lot about our target group and derive needs. This allowed us to develop new ideas and first solutions. Building up empathy and a direct communication with the target group are essential for target group-oriented product development.” – Denton Systems

“The MTH Design Thinking Challenge was a super experience. Two days of intensive teamwork made MARKTKOST grow even closer together as a team. We learned many new methods and we are sure that some of the newly learned techniques will be used in our company in the future. The results of the workshop give us concrete instructions on which topics we still need to improve.” – MARKTKOST

“The MTH Design Thinking Challenge gave us the opportunity to talk to leading media experts from around the world about their challenges in the digital transformation. We were able to derive ideas for a prototype and for our product development from the insights that we gained in the process. The workshop was very well prepared and was accompanied by competent coaches who gave us insight into the design thinking process. Our team was able to learn new tools and working methods and apply them directly to current issues.” – Cultway

The MTH Design Thinking Challenges take place in cooperation with HPI Academy and is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWI) as a highlight project of the de:hub initiative.

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