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RAT.HUB | Linda Rath in conversation with Frederik Fischer

RAT.HUB goes into the next round. In the RAT.HUB podcast series, Linda Rath talks to startup founders to find out how they think. This time she interviewed Frederik Fischer.

Linda about Frederik Fischer:

Today, I am joined by Frederik Fischer. He is the founder and CEO of Neulandia, a living and working model for the countryside. 2014 he was one of the founding editors of Krautreporter, he was chief editor and product owner of the great platform piqd, and he was lecturer at the Hamburg Media School and at the Berlin University of the Arts, where he teached classes like digital journalism, social journalism and audience engagement. Enjoy listening.


Welcome to RAT.HUB, I’m Linda Rath and I interview startup founders to understand what makes them tick, what makes them tick and what we can learn from them. Founding a company takes courage, diligence and luck … and what else you need, we’ll find out together.

If you have any questions or suggestions, just drop me a line via X. My handle is @Lynda420.

The podcast is supported by MediaTech Hub Potsdam. The MediaTech Hub Potsdam bundles the local expertise of specialists and visionaries, the MediaTech Hub Accelerator and the annual MediaTech Hub Conference. With our startup Vragments, we had an office space in the former MediaTech Hub Lab from 2018 to 2020, right at the heart of the media city Babelsberg. I can also recommend their offerings here. For more information, visit

Foto Frederik Fischer: With kind permission of Frederik (Credit: Manuela Clemens)