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MTH Unboxing: si:cross

MTH Unboxing starts the new year with si:cross around Rona van der Zander, Jochen Schneider, Arthur Liebhardt and Pascal Jung.

The four have a solution for how companies improve internal communication through audios and micro-podcasts. At the MTH Accelerator, they worked on topics including sales and investments. But read for yourself.

You can also learn more about si:corss and the topic of “internal corporate communication” in their podcast si:cast, which you can listen to on Spotify.

MTH Accelerator: What did you do before si:cross?

si:cross: Three of us – Jochen, Arthur and Pascal – worked in the software sector as developers and managers for SAP. Rona worked internationally for large companies and organizations – but also for startups – in the communication and innovation sector.

MTH Accelerator: When you aren’t working with si:cross, where else do you work?

si:cross: Because our current jobs are still very relevant, and they help us move forward with si:cross, we haven’t resigned from them yet!

MTH Accelerator: What is si:cross?

si:cross: si:cross is a B2B SaaS solution for internal company communication. With our product, you can share (micro)podcasts and audio messages within your company.

More and more people work remotely. si:cross offers the possibility of an asynchronous, high-quality interaction between workers. Employees can share ideas; managers can send information; and educational content, project, and product updates can be exchanged by everyone.

Currently, in organizations, written text is primarily used for asynchronous communications, while video is used for synchronous communication.

This is where audio content comes in. It’s easy to produce and consume; it’s high-quality and asynchronous. You can listen to an update, but get away from your screen by going for a walk around the block or in the woods. You can also listen to content while driving home, thus ending your workday 30 minutes earlier. This is also exciting for teams that work in different countries—it has a lot of potential.

MTH Accelerator: Why MTH Accelerator?

si:cross: The MTH Accelerator offered exactly what we were looking for – not necessarily capital, but the opportunity to access networks and knowledge and to exchange ideas. The weekly check-ins with Erdinç were especially valuable to us and always full of great tips, important questions, new ideas, and opportunities to reflect upon what we were doing.

MTH Accelerator: Why si:cross?

si:cross: We are currently at a major turning point in our work lives. Our working world is in a state of complete upheaval. We are currently figuring out – how do we want to work in the future? What will daily work life look like moving forward, especially for knowledge workers? In recent months, we have simply moved the in-person work model to the virtual world. But now it’s really time to rethink things – that’s where audio will play a major role. We need to move into an asynchronous work model, and audio—as an asynchronous, high-quality, and flexible means of communication – offers a huge opportunity

MTH Accelerator: What is your mission?

si:cross: Our vision is to democratize intra-organization communication, turn employees into active storytellers and mobile learners, foster an open and creative work culture while increasing communication efficiency. To do this, we wish to contribute to a better work culture in the future – one that is open-minded and asynchronous. We want to make remote working more flexible, productive, and less stressful for employees.

The portfolio of the MTH Accelerator is growing and growing.
But on what are the teams exactly working and, above all, what did they do before they became entrepreneurs? In MTH Unboxing, our new interview series, we shed some light on this and introduce the teams in more detail. MTH Accelerator Babelsberg is the program for startups and founding teams from the metropolitan region who are looking to explore technologies and digital business models and take their companies to the next level.

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