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MTH Unboxing: ROADIA

The three founders of ROADIA have made it to their mission to improve traffic and make the roads safer. In the August issue of MTH Unboxing, founders Mykhaylo Filipenko, Tobias Fischer and Markus Hantschmann told us how they want to approach the task.

MTH Accelerator: What did you do before ROADIA?

ROADIA: Mike was an electric aviation development manager at Siemens and Rolls-Royce. Tobias was team lead at a market leader for photogrammetry software. Markus completed this PhD at Stanford and then worked in Cambridge for a materials software company.

MTH Accelerator: What do you do when you’re not working at roadIA?

ROADIA: Tobi loves cycling, Mike enjoys doing handstands, and Markus plays with his dog.

MTH Accelerator: What is roadIA?

ROADIA: ROADIA is developing AI-based sensors that will contribute to intelligent traffic guidance systems in the long term and thus make a significant contribution to the smart city.

MTH Accelerator: Why MTH Accelerator?

ROADIA: The MediaTech Hub Accelerator features an excellent network to other start-up founders and enthusiasts and also to the corporate sector. In the first two weeks alone, we met a lot of exciting people!

MTH Accelerator: Why roadIA?

ROADIA: Our goal is to make roads much safer. Last year in the European Union, more than 25,000 people died in road accidents. This number should be 0.

MTH Accelerator: What is your mission?

ROADIA: We don’t just want to contribute to safer roads, we also wish to improve traffic flow. Our long-term plan is to build a data platform for real-time mobility data. This platform will allow the adjustment of traffic flow in real time and provide autonomous vehicles with important external data, which they can’t collect themselves.

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