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MTH Unboxing: Denton Systems

Your dental health is the number one priority for Denton Systems. The founders Dennis Wagner and Marius Liefold tell us in the July edition of MTH Unboxing about their motivation to start Denton Systems and their method to further develop dental medicine.

MTH Accelerator: What did you do before starting Denton Systems?

Dennis: I graduated as a medical informatics specialist. I then received an EXIST startup grant with Marius and a professor from the Technical University Brandenburg, and we founded a telemedicine startup. I next worked as a project manager in the area of innovation and digitalization, where I carried out projects in rural sectors and for medium-sized companies.

Marius: In addition to the telemedicine startup mentioned by Dennis, I was also a project manager in the innovation and information management sector. Before studying medical informatics and before working several years in clinical diagnostics, I was a dental technician and founded my first company in my early 20s. I have been an entrepreneur for six years and worked in the life sciences for 15 years.

MTH Accelerator: What do you do when you’re not working at Denton Systems?

Dennis: My schedule is probably like most startup founders: you work a lot on your startup. Even when I’m not actively working on Denton, I‘m always looking at what others are doing and thinking if we can use this for Denton. I am a water polo player, and although I have not been able to play because of COVID-19, things are slowly opening up. Otherwise, I walk my dog and use this time to think about the business or I walk-and-talk with entrepreneur friends.

Marius: I agree with Dennis, the transition between work and private life is often fluid during the entrepreneurial phase. However, it rarely feels like work. But outside of working on Denton, and excluding the activities that were put on pause due to COVID-19, I enjoy listening to music and spending time in and around the water of the Havel Valley.

MTH Accelerator: What is Denton Systems?

Denton Systems: We offer the first “backup for teeth.” Just like a computer, the previous “state” can be restored if necessary. Our patented procedure makes it possible for the first time to reproducibly store the dentition system in all dimensions, independently of the teeth. In this way, the healthy, pain-free initial situation of a patient can be reconstructed at any time, and symptoms such as headaches, back pain, tinnitus, etc., which are often caused by changes in the status of the dentition, can be avoided. Therefore, clients with neck tension, for example, will not first visit a physiotherapist, but a dentist, so that the cause and not the symptom is addressed.

With our “backup for the teeth,” we are transferring an established concept from the IT world to the healthcare industry, specifically to dentistry.

MTH Accelerator: Why the MTH Accelerator?

Denton Systems: The MTH Accelerator, with its location, great network, and partners, has been a tremendous help in navigating important questions and issues. The support has assisted us a lot, especially with funding and training.

MTH Accelerator: Why Denton Systems?

Denton Systems: As medical informatics specialists, we have a strong interest in solutions which positively impact society. The idea behind Denton Systems was also born during conversations about the daily work of both our dentist and our founder. Our dentist was tired of not being able to give patients the smile and functionality they once had, because he simply lacked the procedures and information to do so. Marius, as a former dental technician, also knows this problem well, which is why it is so much fun as a founder to develop and market such a product for the highly complex healthcare market.

MTH Accelerator: What is your mission?

Denton Systems: We want to further develop defect-oriented (dental) medicine into a lifelong and, above all, preventive concept. We are taking the first step with our “backup for the teeth,” with the Denton Cloud serving as an interdisciplinary interface for all health data. We will then move on to build the DENTON 365 platform, which is an operating system for digital dental services. Here we center Denton services and third-party providers on one platform used for patient-centered and preventive care.

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