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MTH Unboxing – Carmino

The portfolio of the MTH Accelerator is growing and growing. But on what exactly are the teams working and, above all, what did they do before they became entrepreneurs? With MTH Unboxing, our new, little series of interviews, we bring light into the darkness and introduce the teams in more detail.

We keep on with Carmino around Philipp Hommelsheim Tobias Waitschies who started their startup solution at the HPI and have joined us in September.

MTH Accelerator: What did you do before starting Carmino?

Carmino: Over the last 10 years I have worked in many areas within the field of risk and innovation management. As a criminal investigator at the BKA, as a management consultant at PwC, and as a product manager in a FinTech, my work has always been focused around making the world a little safer or better.

MTH Accelerator: What are you currently doing (when are not working at Carmino)?

Carmino: Establishing and running my own business has demanded much more of me than when I worked in project management. I struggle to separate my work life and my private life­­­­, but I do like to spend time with my friends, exercise, and read books.

MTH Accelerator: What is Carmino?

Carmino: Carmino is a mobile app that allows users to evaluate their own driving style. When individuals display a safe driving style, we try to facilitate discounts and premiums with partner companies, for example, by arranging a more suitable car insurance.

MTH Accelerator: Why the MTH Accelerator?

Carmino: MTH Accelerator has many strong points: it is locally based, well integrated into the startup ecosystem, boasts a competent and professional team, and provides Carmino with the opportunity to share ideas with other startup founders.

MTH Accelerator: Why Carmino?

Carmino: I originally wanted to develop a product to automate the detection of traffic accidents. But I then realized that we can have a greater impact if we participate in accident prevention. A first step in this direction is an objective evaluation of a person’s driving style. Carmino makes this possible. Through Carmino, you discover your own driving style and adapt it if necessary. In the best case, our users can benefit from car insurance that rewards their safe driving style.

MTH Accelerator: What is Carmino’s mission?

Carmino: We want to help 50,000 motorists receive the best-priced car insurance. A person who drives safely causes fewer accidents. With Carmino, we reward prudent driving and thus contribute to increasing road safety in Germany. It’s a great deal for everyone involved!

MTH Unboxing is a series of interviews of the MediaTech Hub Accelerator, the program for startups from Potsdam and the metropolitan region that deal with media and technology and want to take their companies to the next level.

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