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FroXx Industries for shooting at MTH Space

On December 1, 2021, FroXx Industries visited the MTH Space at UFA GmbH for a shoot for the CNBC TV Series “Advancements” with Ted Danson.

The TV Series “Advancements” showcases cutting-edge solutions and important issues facing consumers and business professionals today, and brings this information to the public with a vision to educate on how technology and innovation continue to change our world.

We were pleased to welcome the crew from FroXx and CNBC at the MTH Space!

About FroXx Industries

Tech startup FroXx was founded in July 2020 in the greater Berlin, Germany area. The company promotes seamless interaction between people and technology. In an era where physical and digital worlds are merging, FroXx aims to go beyond intuitive interaction with data and unlock the next level of user experience. Through 3D remote services, digital products and consulting, the company aims to help its customers equip themselves for “Industry 4.0.”

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