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de:hub Academy: “Fundraising” with Erdinç Koç

Fundraising is necessary for startups to collect money and advance the business idea. However, fundraising is not always easy. Especially at the beginning of their startup journey, founders are often faced with the question: How can fundraising be successful?

Erdinç Koç, head of the MediaTech Hub Accelerators, provides the fundamental knowledge required for this. He explains how founders and startups can successfully complete the fundraising process in three short videos as part of the de:hub Academy.

Lecture #1 – Fundraising Mindset

“Knowledge is your tool, and your mindset is your key to fundraising success.” This means: the mindset is crucial to fundraising success. Self-reflection and learning with every pitch is key. And, of course, you need enough self-confidence and trust in your own idea.

Lecture #2 – Seven steps of Fundraising

The goal of fundraising is not only to close the deal successfully, but also to win the VCs as long-term partners for the start-up. Erdinç explains how founders can improve their efficiency, preparation and learning effect in fundraising in seven steps and thereby increase their chances of success.

Lecture #3 – Venture Capitals and Business Angels

To succeed in fundraising, startups need to understand the expectations of VCs. Or as Erdinç puts it: “Understanding VCs is as important as understanding customers.” In the third part of his course, Erdinç explains how founders can find out what VCs and business angels want and what might be helpful to get them interested.

All of the three videos about “Fundraising” can be found on YouTube or on the Website of the Digital Hub Initiative. The course is held in German, but it can be watched with English subtitles.

The de:hub Academy is a project by the Digital Hub Initiative. The course series provides basic and expert knowledge on various topics.

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